The Cool Quest have indeed more than 500 shows behind them - with just one released album so far. With "Funkin' Badass" the five member outfit established themselves as an irresistible live combo to find their sound somewhere between classic hiphop and modern pop, their light-foot funk reminding strongly of the early energy of 90's hiphop. 
In their homeland, The Netherlands, The Cool Quest have been at the radio rotation long since, they have been awarded several times plus they have become an integral part of the great festival stages. But The Cool Quest are nothing but saturated now. Only recently they revised their sound from anew, replacing the saxophone with a guitar, opening the organic instrumentation for contemporary electronic and constituting a fresh pop appeal with their songwriting, which is as relevant as it is timeless. The single "Runnin'" already grants a taste of where it's at, the new The Cool Quest album. Bring thousands of arms, waving in the air.